Pick a challenge

Javascript basics

  1. Multiplication, division, and comparison operators
  2. Comparison operators, strict equality
  3. Check if a number is even
  4. Check if a number is a whole number
  5. Check whether a string contains another string and concatenate
  6. Round a number to 2 decimal places
  7. Find next higher natural number that is divisble by y
  8. Split a number into its digits
  9. Find the correct word by incrementing letters in alphabet
  10. Clear up the chaos behind these strings
  11. Return the percentage of a number
  12. How many times does a character occur?
  13. Return the next higher prime number

Javascript arrays

  1. Sort an array of strings alphabetically
  2. Sort an array of numbers in descending order
  3. Return last n array elements
  4. Sum up all array elements with values greater than
  5. Return the average of an array of numbers
  6. Remove a specific array element
  7. Create a range of numbers
  8. Check if all array elements are equal
  9. Return the longest string from an array of strings
  10. Define an array with conditional elements
  11. Merge an arbitrary number of arrays
  12. Group array of strings by first letter.
  13. Merge two arrays with duplicate values

Javascript dates

  1. Return the next nearest quarter hour of a date
  2. Check if two dates fall on the exact same day
  3. Check if two dates are equal
  4. Check if one date is earlier than another
  5. Add n days to an existing date
  6. Check if two dates are within 1 hour from each other
  7. Return the number of days between two dates
  8. Calculate difference between two dates in hours, minutes, and seconds

Javascript objects

  1. Accessing object properties two
  2. Accessing object properties one
  3. Accessing object properties three
  4. Remove a property from an object
  5. Swap object keys and values
  6. Add property to each object in array
  7. Merge two objects with matching keys
  8. Extracting information from objects
  9. Replace empty strings in object with null values

Javascript Sets

  1. Check if value is present in Set
  2. Convert a Set to Array
  3. Get union of two sets
  4. Creating Javascript Sets
  5. Delete element from Set
  6. Add multiple elements to Set
  7. Get Intersection of two Javascript Sets