Merge two objects with matching keys

// Write a function that takes two objects as arguments
// Unfortunately, the property 'country' in the second object has the wrong key
// It should be named 'city' instead
// Merge both objects and correct the wrong property name
// Return the resulting object
// It should have the properties 'planet', 'continent', 'country', 'state', and 'city'

function myFunction() {

Test Cases:
myFunction({ continent: 'Europe', country: 'Germany' }, { planet: 'Earth', country: 'Munich', state: 'Bavaria' })
{ continent: 'Europe', country: 'Germany', planet: 'Earth', state: 'Bavaria', city: 'Munich'}
myFunction({ continent: 'North America', country: 'USA' }, { planet: 'Earth', country: 'Los Angeles', state: 'California' })
{ continent: 'North America', country: 'USA', planet: 'Earth', state: 'California', city: 'Los Angeles'}